‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Finale Was Full of Bad News

The two-episode season finale of Fear the Walking Dead was chock-full of surprises — some good, but most bad.

The good news coming out of the finale was that Chris died. According to social media (and anyone with eyes/ears), Chris was not a very beloved character. Surely many viewers rejoiced when they saw him break his femur in a car wreck and then get shot in the head by his new friends, Brandon and Derek.

Other than Chris dying, it was mostly bad news. Alejandro got bitten, and since he isn’t really immune to walkers, he ended up dying. Meanwhile Travis heard about Chris’s death from the two knuckleheads who killed him, so Travis beat them to death.

While beating Brandon and Derek to death, Travis was in a blood rage and accidentally smashed Oscar’s head in a door frame, which caused his brain to swell — and ultimately Oscar died. Andres was so angry he went to kill Travis, but before he could, Alicia stabbed Andres in the heart.

Nick led the villagers from La Colonia to the U.S. because he thought he saw a refugee camp, but when he arrived at the border crossing, the group was attacked. It looks like most of the villagers were killed, and while we are not certain of her condition, Luciana did take a bullet to the chest.

Lastly, Ofelia’s truck broke down, and she ended up trying to walk to America. She succeeded in crossing the border and was greeted by someone looking to make America great again with an AR-15.

See how Chris’s bad choices led to his demise:

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