'Fame'! Please Don't Let It Live Forever

Bryan Lynn
The Insider
'Fame'! Please Don't Let It Live Forever

American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe is reportedly set to undertake a TV rebirth of the 1980 film classic Fame -- the latest attempt to revive the story about gifted inner-city performing arts students in search of stardom.

Lythgoe and his production company will partner with MGM Television to develop a present-day scripted version of the musical, according to The Hollywood Reporter

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But how viable is this reboot? In the reality-laden TV talent show world we currently live in -- American Idol, The X Factor, So You Think You Can Dance, America's Got Talent -- is there really a need to fictionalize the hopes and dreams of America's star-hungry youth?

Sure, the Step Up movie franchise enjoys a loyal fan following touching on the same themes as Fame, with kids from the wrong side of the tracks paying their dues and following their dreams despite difficult odds. But at least these films showcase world-class dancing and choreography that for many are worth the price of admission. 

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The last resurrection of the film version of Fame flopped in 2009 and there was the short-lived (one season) NBC reality TV series Fame in 2003 -- produced by Debbie Allen and hosted by Joey Fatone -- which attempted to capitalize on Idol's phenomenal success by seeking outstanding "triple threat" performers who could dance, sing, and act.

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So Nigel, please keep your talent-hungry fingers off of Fame and let this beloved classic finally die a natural death. 

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