Facepalm! 'Smash' Finale Credits Misspells Anjelica Huston's Name

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Anjelica Huston's name is misspelled in the series finale of NBC's "Smash."

The trainwreck that was "Smash" ended in fitting fashion — with a stupid mistake to pile on top of all the other stupid mistakes of the past two seasons.

The credits for the series finale misspelled star Anjelica Huston's name. Let's say it again: "Smash" misspelled the name of its biggest star, an accomplished Academy Award-winning actress who comes from Hollywood royalty and boasts an illustrious career spanning four decades.

You'd think they'd get her name right. Instead, the credits showed her name as "Angelica Huston."

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The error was just the rotten cherry on top of the burned, ruin cake that was "Smash." When the musical drama debuted last year, it was hailed by critics and hyped by NBC as the next big thing. It wasn't. Backlash grew, which led to hate-watching. Viewers mocked Katharine McPhee's too-good character, the cartoonish villains (Terrible Ellis!), plot holes, boring storylines, and Debra Messing's multiple scarves.

Ratings dropped — and just kept dropping. NBC tried to course-correct by firing creator Theresa Rebeck and hiring "Gossip Girl" executive producer Joshua Safran. But Season 2 was DOA, premiering to just 4.5 million viewers. The network quickly moved the show to the television graveyard that is Saturday night; "Smash" was soon canceled.

The name misspelling is almost funny in that context. Just when we thought "Smash" couldn't sink any lower … it did! Way to go out on a high note.

See the mistake below (fast-forward to 6:36):