‘Van Helsing’ First Look: How to Unmake a Vampire

Vampires may have passed their pop culture heyday, but SyFy is banking on a massive shakeup of the traditional, Bram Stoker-based mythology to bring genre fans to their Van Helsing. Kelly Overton (True Blood) plays the titular role, and in this exclusive clip, we find out why she’s so dangerous.

Vanessa Helsing, distant descendant of the original vampire hunter, wakes up in a world where vampires have taken over; think the griminess of The Walking Dead with a dash of Underworld’s action. The first episode aired months ago, back in July, so SyFy is airing Episodes 1 and 2 back to back for its official premiere.

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The pilot left a lot of questions on the table; in the second episode, we get more about the vampires and the reason why they fear Helsing. Her blood can cause “reversion” — a process that turns vampires back into humans. As two of the vampire elite, Dmitri (Paul Johnasson) and Rebecca (Laura Mennell) must eliminate her to protect their own power. For her own part, Helsing must fight, not only for survival but also to find her child in a monster-infested apocalypse.

The two-hour premiere of Van Helsing airs Friday, Sept. 23, at 10 p.m. on SyFy.