Exclusive Vampire Diaries First Look: Will Damon Make the Ultimate Sacrifice for Elena?

Vlada Gelman
Vampire Diaries Recap: Elena Cheers Up

The Vampire Diaries‘ hunt for the cure is officially on when the gang departs to the coast of Nova Scotia in this Thursday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c).

But Damon, determined to get the mystical fix-it for Elena, may lead himself directly into a literal dead end — as the following exclusive February sweeps poster for the CW series suggests.

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“Give him enough rope…,” it reads, and… he’ll hang himself to save the girl he loves?!

After all, the elder Salvatore is so in love that despite not wanting Elena to take the cure, he’s going after it simply because “it’s really what she wants,” Ian Somerhalder told TVLine. Will that journey end with a sacrifice when Damon has a bloody run-in with a hunter (guest star Charlie Bewley) in the Feb. 14 episode?

Check out the poster below (click the image to view the full size), and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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