Exclusive Office Sneak Peek: Andy Knows About Erin and Pete! Is Andy Going to Go Psycho?

Kate Stanhope
TV Guide

Last week's big Andy-Erin breakup on The Office was a long time coming. That is, to everyone except Andy (Ed Helms).

On Thursday's episode (9/8c on NBC), Andy is not handling the split very well. In this exclusive sneak peek, Andy reveals that he looked at Erin's phone and found out that she's been texting Pete (Jake Lacy). So what is stopping him from throwing all his anger management work out the window and going psycho on Pete?

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Watch the two come face-to-face in this exclusive clip:

The Office airs Thursdays at 9/8c on NBC. Are you ready to see the carnage unfold at Dunder Mifflin?


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