Exclusive Glee Video: Will Blaine and Sam's '80s Flashback Be All Guilt and No Pleasure?

Michael Ausiello
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Blaine and Sam’s complicated bromance takes center stage this Thursday on Glee (9/8c, Fox) when the gay-straight BFFs take over New Directions and assign each member to perform their guiltiest musical pleasure.

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Blaine quickly comes out as a Wham!-oholic, and convinces straight crush Sam to partner with him on the English pop duo’s 1984 classic, “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” — a collaboration that sets the stage for Blaine to finally (maybe) tell Sam how he really feels about him.

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Press PLAY below to watch the cheesetastic spectacle, and see how many classic ’80s music video tropes you can spot. And also answer this question: Do you think Glee is on the verge of Quinntana-ing Sam and Blaine?

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