Exclusive First Look: Beckett Clashes With Homeland Security on 'Castle'

Maya Salam
Yahoo! TV

The NYPD and Homeland Security butt heads on tonight's "Castle" episode, "The Human Factor." In this exclusive sneak peek, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), Homicide Detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), and their team are bewildered when Homeland Security bans them from an outdoor murder scene. Not surprisingly, Beckett is not taking this lying down.

As she and Castle circumvent the yellow tape and walk on to the scene where an exploded vehicle is being seized, they're met by Federal Agent Guerrero (Jed Bernard), who says, "Let me save you the trouble. We're taking the car. I'm sorry, but that vehicle is part of a federal investigation. If you people [interfere] in any way, we'll arrest you for obstruction."

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The plot thickens when Detective Kevin Ryan (Seamus Dever) informs them that, according to witnesses, two men associated with the feds were staking out the car before it blew up, and that Homeland Security won't disclose any info. "This whole thing stinks," Ryan says.

Castle is intrigued by all the mystery, but Beckett is on a mission for answers. "Who are you? Identify yourselves," she says to two "men in black" sitting in a heavily tinted unmarked black vehicle. "Hey, guys. You get this a lot? Agent J, Agent K," Castle jokes. They drive off as Beckett is still firing off questions.

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To find out what Castle and Beckett discover about the top-secret crime scene, tune in to "Castle" on Monday, 5/6 at 10 PM on ABC.