Exclusive First Look: Annie's a Nerd, Troy's a Jock in 'Community' Flashback

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo! TV

We might think the Greendale study group first met in Señor Chang's Spanish class... but turns out their ties go back a little further than that.

On this week's "Community," entitled "Heroic Origins," Abed sets out to prove that the study group members had all crossed paths before they set foot on the Greendale campus. That includes Troy and Annie, who went to the same high school but ran in very different circles back then, as we learn in the exclusive clip above.

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The flashback shows Annie as an ultra-nerdy brace-face, complete with frizzy hair and glasses, giving herself a sad little pep talk at her locker before downing a handful of Adderall. Then big man on campus Troy strides down the hallway, delighting his entourage with an oh-so-timely "There Will Be Blood" reference.

Annie shyly offers to tutor Troy in math, but he says he doesn't need math because he's counting on a football scholarship: "The only thing that matters to me are statistics." Which, as Annie points out, is actually a form of math. Oh, poor dumb Troy... never change, buddy.  

"Community" airs Thursdays at 8 PM on NBC.