Sneak Peek Clip Proves There Is Too Crying on 'The Amazing Race' [Exclusive Video]

Sarah D. Bunting

The last episode of "The Amazing Race" left us with that maddening "To Be Continued..." -- before telling us whether father/son cancer-survivor team Dave and Connor would be able to continue racing after Dave's Achilles injury. The pit stop wasn't even a stop!

In this exclusive clip from the next ep, the lack of rest is wearing everyone down. Jen has to comfort country-bandmate Caroline after she biffs a task and begins to sob. Team YouTube finds that life's a beach -- the wrong one. And while roller-moms Mona and Beth insist that "there's no crying on 'The Amazing Race,'" even they have to admit that a single leg that's lasted four days is a bit much.

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The upcoming leg takes the teams to Bali, where the monkey business includes wandering, weeping, and actual primates -- and a team makes show history. (In a good, non-injury way, we hope.)

Do you think Dave lives to race another day? Can Caroline work through the pain? We'll find out on Sunday; 'til then, make your predictions in the comments.

"The Amazing Race" airs Sundays at 8 PM on CBS.