Exclusive: Check Out the Season 2 Poster for FX's 'Wilfred'

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo! TV

FX's twisted comedy "Wilfred" -- starring Elijah Wood as an aimless stoner who sees his neighbor's dog (Jason Gann) as human -- had us laughing all last summer. And we're happy to report that this shaggy dog has fetched itself a second season, which kicks off June 28. To get you ready, we've got an exclusive look at the show's Season 2 poster right here. Check it out:

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Well, Wilfred pushed poor Elijah around all last season, so it's no surprise to see him leading the way here. (And is that some sort of faux-diorama museum exhibit they're standing in?) In any case, we can't wait to see what new tricks this old dog has up his sleeve this season.

The new season of "Wilfred" premieres Thursday, 6/28 at 10 PM on FX.