Everything you need to know about 'Bachelorette' Emily Maynard's final three suitors

Mehera Bonner

Time to slip into a bikini and get a spray tan -- "The Bachelorette" is heading to Curacao for the season finale! After weeks scoping out six-packs and kissing her suitors, Emily Maynard has narrowed her pool of potential mates down to three lucky guys: Sean Lowe, Arie Luyendyk Jr., and Jef Holm. So what have we learned about the gorgeous guys so far? Here's everything you need to know about Emily's final three.

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Sean Lowe
Age: 28

Sean Lowe has made a name for himself as the resident Southern gent on "The Bachelorette," but you probably know him as "that one dude who broke a log in half with his sheer manliness." Sean is a humble insurance agent from Texas (his sister submitted him for "The Bachelorette"), and in case you hadn't noticed, he looks like a Greek god. Sean owes his bangin' bod to his football days at Kansas State University -- and yes, he's a male model in his spare time.

Memorable Moments: Sean is pretty much the perfect man, so obviously he's risen up the ranks in Emily's hunky love nest and nabbed a spot in her final three. Probably because of the time he ran through the streets of Prague shouting "Emilllllly," and that other time he did pushups while a middle-aged lady sat on top of him. Ah, love.

Best Quote: "For the past 28 years, my dad has shown me how to be the perfect father. And without a shadow of a doubt, I could step into any role and be the greatest father in the world."

Is He a Winner? Sean is tall, hunky, and an all-around cool dude -- but is he adventurous enough for Emily? They definitely have a connection, but we'd give him a one-in-three chance of winning.

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Name: Arie Luyendyk Jr.
Age: 30

Life is a highway, and Arie wants to ride it straight to Emily's heart! This stud was famous before he earned himself a spot in Emily's guy-harem; he's a racer who placed second in the 2002 Infiniti Pro Series. Racing runs in Arie's genes (his dad is Indy 500 winner Arie Luyendyk), but he's also known for being a sexy European. That's right, Arie hails from the Netherlands ('s-Hertogenbosch, to be exact), but nowadays he lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. When Arie isn't putting pedal to the metal, he dabbles in real estate, and get this: He even designed a line of clothing called Anti-Celeb in early 2012. What can't this guy do?

Memorable Moments: At this point, we're starting to think Arie is addicted to Emily's lip balm -- how else do you explain the fact that he attacks her lips every chance he gets? These two have chemistry out the wazoo (no wonder he ended up in her final three!), and we'll never forget the time they made out among the hay bales at Dollywood... Or the time they made out on the bridge in Prague... Or the time they made out in bed after hours. We're starting to see a pattern here.

Best Quote: "I’ve never felt this way about any other woman. And today has definitely changed my life. I’m ready. I’m ready to ask her hand in marriage. I’m ready to propose. I’m definitely going to marry Emily, and I don’t think of it in any other way."

Is He a Winner? Sure, there was that whole "I dated a 'Bachelorette' producer 10 years ago and didn't tell you" thing, but considering that Emily can barely come up for air when she's with him, we're going to call it: Arie has a two-in-three chance of winning!

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Name: Jef Holm
Age: 27

No words can describe our feelings for Jef Holm -- that's how amazing he is. "Jef With One F" is a do-gooder who makes his living as the CEO of a sustainable water bottle company called People Water. And even better? He's a hipster who holds the answers to all of life's mysteries in his giant quasi-pompadour. Jef has all the hipster hallmarks: Skinny jeans? Check! Fondness for Ray-Ban sunglasses? Double check! And to top it all off, he grew up on a ranch and knows how to shoot a gun. Jef's parents are Mormon (Jef doesn't practice), and he's all about family values, thanks to his sizable collection of brothers and sisters. Also, he rides a skateboard. 'Nuff said.

Memorable Moments: Where do we begin? How about the time Jef showed up on a date with Emily wearing knee socks and pleated khaki shorts? Or the time he referred to Emily's daughter, Ricki, as a Chloe handbag? And don't even get us started on Jef and Emily's library make-out session, where he uttered the perfect words, "I wanna marry the &@#% out of you."

Best Quote: "I feel a million emotions. A mix of, seriously, a million emotions."

Is He a Winner? Not to hate on Jef's competition, but we'll be shocked if he doesn't put a ring on Emily's finger during the season finale. Throughout the season, it's been clear that Emily can't resist Jef's quirky charm, so we'll give him a three-in-three chance of winning!