Everyone Targets Rob on 'Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas' [Exclusive Video]

Yahoo! TV

What does it take to turn a self-absorbed, loudmouthed bridezilla and her often equally unbearable husband into a kind, warm, and thoughtful couple? How about the apocalypse? That's the approach the marriage counselors are taking this Friday on We tv's new reality series "Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas." In this exclusive sneak peek at the episode "Identity," the housemates are put through a pretend end-of-the-world scenario called "Love and Warfare," in which they must "kill" 6 of the 10 other individuals — the hope being that they'll learn how their actions affect others' perceptions of them.

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Before they get "killed," though, the participants have 30 seconds to plead their case as to why they should "live" before being blindfolded. Rob's brilliant approach: to insult everyone else. "I should survive because most of you need workout and diet and a program like that, and I can provide that for you. And also, four people can carry on the rest of the human race. You need me and Remy to make sure it's a pretty human race."

Can you hear the fake guns being cocked already? It turns out that everyone except his wife, Remy, shoots him. Kirsten's bummed that her safety was on and asks, "Can we reshoot him?"

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When counselor Jim Carroll asks Seth why he shot Rob, he gets cut off. Rob doesn't want to hear it. "I don't care what anybody's opinion in this world is of me. The world would be a whole lot better with a million of me and zero of you," says the stubborn hubbyzilla. Wow, tell us how you really feel, Rob.

To find out if this exercise helps anyone open up, tune in to "Marriage Boot Camp: Bridezillas" on Friday, 6/14 at 9 PM on WE tv.