Entourage Movie Gets Green Light — But What Will It Be About?

Matt Webb Mitovich
Entourage Film Held Up By Salary Demands? 'It's Blown Way Out of Proportion,' Says Cast Member

Hug it out, moviegoers — Vincent Chase’s Entourage is reuniting for a date on the big screen.

Our sister site Deadline reports that Warner Bros. on Tuesday night gave a green light to a motion picture follow-up to the HBO series, which (somewhat tidily) wrapped its eight-season run on Sept. 11, 2011.

Series creator Doug Ellin is set to direct the film, from a script he wrote. (“There are interesting developments about Ari as a studio head,” Ellin previously previewed. “But foremost is the friendship between the guys, who are still hanging out and going to fun parties, and it continues with the same characters.”)

No details, including a production start date, are yet available; in the meantime, it’s just a matter of rounding up Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon, Jerry Ferrara and three-time Emmy winner Jeremy Piven (who ‘s currently headlining ITV’s Mr. Selfridge), and signing them to deals.

Is this movie something anyone wanted? And for those vested in the ongoing mission of Vinny Chase, “E,” Turtle et al, what would you suggest for a big-screen storyline?

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