Emmys: 'Sherlock' Star's Purse Stolen While She Was Onstage

The Hollywood Reporter

It's not quite a crime of Sherlock proportions, but still enough to have one of its stars fuming.

When the hit BBC show's episode The Abominable Bride picked up the Emmy for best TV movie, Amanda Abbington - better known to Sherlock fans as Mary Watson - went off to collect the statuette with her co-stars and do the necessary press. But on returning to her seat, she found her purse, phone and driver's license gone.

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Naturally, with Benedict Cumberbatch otherwise occupied, she turned to Twitter to outline her rage (and possibly look for wannabe detectives).

Thanks for the lovely tweets re; the Emmy's. So pleased we won! Cool, right?

- amanda abbington (@CHIMPSINSOCKS) September 19, 2016

However, we went up to collect the Emmy, did some press, came back to my seat and some bastard had nicked my purse from under my seat. Nice

- amanda abbington (@CHIMPSINSOCKS) September 19, 2016

Had my phone and driver's licence in it. So whoever took my purse, I hope some terrible Karmic shit happens to you. How crappy is that.

- amanda abbington (@CHIMPSINSOCKS) September 19, 2016

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