Emmys: Sarah Paulson Had Marcia Clark's Name Engraved on Her Award (Report)

The Hollywood Reporter

"Sarah Paulson" isn't the only name on the 2016 Emmy Award for outstanding lead actress in a miniseries or movie. This year's statuette also has "Marcia Clark" engraved on it, the name of the lead prosecutor in O.J. Simpson's murder trial, whom Paulson played in The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story and brought as her date to the ceremony on Sunday.

Paulson sneaked Clark into the winner's circle with her, where the actress had both of their names emblazoned on the award, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Paulson dedicated her award to Clark during her acceptance speech, and even apologized for being "superficial and careless" in the way she initially understood Clark's role in the trial.

"The more I learned about the real Marcia Clark, not the two-dimensional cardboard cutout I saw on the news, but the complicated, whip-smart, giant-hearted mother of two who woke up every day, put both feet on the floor and dedicated herself to righting an unconscionable wrong - the loss of two innocents, Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown - the more I had to recognize that I, along with the rest of the world, had been superficial and careless in my judgment," the actress said. "And I'm glad to be able to stand here today in front of everyone and tell you I'm sorry."

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The Times reports that "the women laughed and giggled" as they watched their names being engraved on the trophy, then proudly displayed it to onlookers.

The Television Academy and representatives for Paulson did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Sarah Paulson got security to let Marcia Clark join her as she got her Emmy engraved at Gov Ball. #Emmys pic.twitter.com/Ev584DoDGq

- Yvonne Villarreal (@villarrealy) September 19, 2016