Emilie de Ravin Says New 'Once Upon a Time' Flashback 'Fills in the Gaps' With Belle and Rumplestiltskin

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"Once Upon a Time" -- "Lacey"
Robert Carlyle as Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin and Emilie de Ravin as Belle/Lacey on "Once Upon a Time."

Belle's got her eye on the ball, all right -- a pool ball!

On Sunday night's new "Once Upon a Time," our beloved Belle gets a new identity (and a makeover) when Regina gives her false memories as "Lacey," a woman who is a complete "180 from Belle," star Emilie de Ravin tells Yahoo! TV.

What will Mr. Gold think of the love of his life turning into a billiards-playing, beer-swilling, carefree soul? De Ravin chats with us about their evolving relationship, a flashback that introduces the audience to Robin Hood (Tom Ellis), and the prospect of a "Lost" reunion.

Last time we saw Belle, she was in the hospital and spoke to Mr. Gold on the phone as he was dying. Where do we find the two of them now?

This time, we find a perfectly healthy Mr. Gold walking into her room, to her great relief -- even though she really doesn't know who he is. She still has no memory at all, but he's the only person who -- whether he's frustrated her or not, or confused her with the kiss and the [tea] cup -- he's the only one who visits, never with some ulterior motive or cruelty. Especially with him saying all these beautiful things on the phone, even with no memory, she trusts him. He offers to let her get discharged.

Watch the scene of Mr. Gold on the phone with Belle:

When she first lost her memory, Belle was very wary of Mr. Gold. So, she's starting to warm up to him?

Yeah, I think it's been a process. She's had time to think about things after that phone call -- think about him, think about the fact that he was only trying to help her -- even if she didn't get it. The honesty in his voice, even if you had no idea of the relationship, is pretty moving.

Belle already had to start her life over again when she got out of the mental ward. Now she's sort of starting over again.

She is, in a different way. While Gold is trying to get me out, lovely Regina visits me and gives me [a new identity]. Everyone else had been implanted with a false memory when they arrived 28 years ago, but because I was locked in a cell, there was really no point for her to have done that.

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So, to screw with Mr. Gold, because she knows that I'm the most important thing to him aside from his son, she gives me this completely fake memory of being Lacey, a 180 from Belle -- walks, talks, stands differently. Scantily clad, plays pool probably half the day in the bar, drinks like a fish, dresses kind of semiprovocatively. Not in a tacky way. She's one of those girls who doesn't care what people say about her, is a nice person, but ... she just feels comfortable and doesn't have any motivation to travel or be adventurous, another opposite to Belle.

And we also get a flashback with Belle and Rumplestiltskin in Fairy Tale Land, right?

Yes, and it's cool because it fills in the gaps that we don't know about, before I fall in love with Rumple in Fairy Tale Land. And that includes some time in the forest with a certain thief [Robin Hood], who I rescue and then we hunt as well.

In the last Belle flashback, we saw her get to do more action. Will that be the case this time?

We don't have too much running or fighting in this one. There's action through her words … she's bold! She's not afraid to push the line, to give her life for someone else's, even.

This episode also features Jorge Garcia as Anton again. Will we get to see more "Lost" reunions?

Yeah, I think the whole cast is … (Laughs) No, I'm kidding! (Laughs) The whole thing is just recast with "Lost" characters.

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Storybrooke is kind of an island, if you think about it ...

Yeah! I'll call Adam [Horowitz] and Eddie [Kitsis, the creators]. (Laughs) Jorge is fantastic. I don't know of anybody else at the moment, but it wouldn't surprise me.

Do fans ask you a lot about reunions -- for "Lost" or "Roswell"?

"Lost," I guess not so much now, but when we were done, they were like, "Oh, you have to make a 'Lost' movie." And I'm thinking that makes zero sense! We took six years trying to tell this story -- what the hell are you going to get out of a movie? (Laughs)

"Roswell" -- yeah, people do ask about that, but that was a long time ago! What are we going to be, the "Roswell" Aliens Mom Club or something? (Laughs) Or maybe "Roswell" in medical school; we can mix up "Grey's Anatomy" and "Roswell"!

"Once Upon a Time" airs Sundays at 8 PM on ABC.