Ellen Reminds Michelle Obama What It’s Like to Shop With a Small Child

Stephen Proctor

Michelle Obama co-hosted Ellen with Ellen DeGeneres on Tuesday, and on Wednesday they aired a trip to CVS that the two took together. Much like other times when Ellen was let loose in public with cameras in tow, hilarious shenanigans ensued. The first lady, meanwhile, attempted to keep DeGeneres in check.

They began their trip by cashing in a large bag of coins at a Coinstar kiosk, totaling over $46, which DeGeneres announced over a bullhorn so everyone could hear. The bullhorn came in handy when Obama needed to get into a glass case to check out some headphones. After the manager opened the case and grabbed the headphones for Obama, DeGeneres proceeded to scratch the first lady’s back using a long wooden back scratcher until she was told to stop. At this point, DeGeneres used the back scratcher to comb the manager’s hair.

They moved on from the headphones to discover boxed wine. After getting help from another customer to open a box of wine, they filled red Solo cups and distributed them among the growing party in the liquor section. That lasted until Obama brought a baby in a stroller to DeGeneres’s attention, at which point DeGeneres wanted to sign the baby’s face, only to have the first lady stop her.

They did the self-checkout with a little help from the manager, with Obama doing most of the work while DeGeneres stood to the side having a snack.

Before leaving, Obama said to DeGeneres, “You know, you’re really annoying. It’s like taking a 3-year-old to the store.”

Check out Michelle Obama co-host a star-studded ‘Ellen’:

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