Ellen Loses to Mark Harmon in Popularity Poll, Creates ‘Mark Harmon Week’

Stephen Proctor

For the past three years, Ellen DeGeneres has been voted America’s favorite TV personality in a poll that comes from she isn’t sure where. But this year, DeGeneres was bumped from the top spot by NCIS star Mark Harmon. Instead of taking offense, DeGeneres decided to honor Harmon. In the same spirit of dedicating two recent weeks on Ellen to a running theme — Cat Week and Shiney Hiney Week — DeGeneres made this Mark Harmon Week.

“Men like Mark Harmon, and women prefer me. Baby Boomers prefer Mark Harmon, and millennials like me. And so, if you put the two of us together, we’re the most popular person with everybody,” said DeGeneres.

In the 14 years Ellen has been on the air, Harmon has yet to be a guest. DeGeneres thought maybe she could remedy this by putting together a dressing room specifically for him. In the dressing room was pizza, because she assumed everyone likes pizza; a copy of People’s 1986 “Sexiest Man Alive” issue, of which Harmon is on the cover; three posters for movies he starred in, including 1987’s Summer School; and his Summer School co-star Courtney Thorne-Smith waiting on the couch for him.

DeGeneres also made a fake commercial for a dating site strictly for Mark Harmon lovers called Mark Harmony, an obvious play on the real dating site eHarmony. The commercial claims to match people based on who they are at the very deepest level: people who are ridiculously attracted to Mark Harmon.

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