Electrotherapy For Youthful Skin? We Tried the "Hannibal Lecter" Facial

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When it comes to my skin, I go the distance. Nothing is too extreme for me. However, I tend to draw the line when the name "Hannibal Lecter" gets thrown around.

Turns out, the Hannibal Lecter facial is a real thing, and it can work wonders on your skin. Call the galvanic facial, it utilizes electric current to give the skin a glow while helping your skin to appear more youthful by refining fine lines, increasing firmness, and adding plumpness back into the skin. I received the treatment at Marianne Kehoe Skin Studio in Studio City, CA, and although I was slightly unnerved by the electric-shock component, I was eager to see how my skin would survive - or not - afterwards.

Here's the thing: it's not like you're going to experience pain-inducing amounts of electric current. You're not a hostage, and you aren't getting tortured for information. It's supposed to be enjoyable. Once you realize that, it's actually a therapeutic experience. First, my skin was cleansed and then, using a rolling method, impurities were extracted from my skin. Marianne, the owner of the studio, next applied surgical cotton strips to my face, which resulted in what appeared to be my mummification. Then she soaked the cotton with a concoction of vitamins that was meant to help create the electric current and absorb as much moisture into my skin as possible. According to Marianne, my skin was guzzling up the mixture; it was parched. After that, the mask with the current is applied!

The portion of the facial that incorporates the current was only about 20 minutes, and it allows you to decompress and relax. The only sensation I noticed was pulsating around my jawline and a slight tingle around the back of my head, but nothing I couldn't handle. At one point, I had a very distinct metallic taste in my mouth, which Marianne said was a result of the current infusing the vitamins into my skin.

Afterwards, my skin was definitely softer, and I felt like I had a natural glow! The results lasted a few days, which is why this particular facial is known as a red carpet treatment. Check out the video and let me know if you'd give the galvanic facial a try!