Dumb Is Forever: Celebrate 20 Years of ‘Judge Judy’ With Her Best Zingers

Alex Logan

On September 16, 1996, 20 years ago today, America was first introduced to Judge Judy Sheindlin, a notoriously tough family court judge, who taught us the legal ramifications for peeing on a person’s leg and falsely claiming that it’s raining.

Sheindlin wasn’t the first TV judge, but her no-nonsense persona became the gold standard for numerous imitators… including one with a cowboy hat (Texas Justice’s Larry Joe Doherty). After her predecessor Judge Joe Wapner ended his term on The People’s Court, Sheindlin called up the program to say, “You know, if he doesn’t want to do this show any more, I can do it.” The receptionist retorted, “Are you crazy, lady?”

Three years later, she was presiding over her own courtroom as Judge Judy. Take that, receptionist. Today, we celebrate Sheindlin with 20 Years of Judge Judy’s Best Zingers.

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