Dream Casting Kalinda's Husband

Jarett Wieselman
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Dream Casting Kalinda's Husband

Last night's Good Wife season finale revealed Kalinda's rarely-seen scared side when Alicia inadvertently contacted the investigator's dangerous ex-husband. And while the episode ended without showing the mystery man at Kalinda's door, creators Robert and Michelle King have said that this nameless character will play a big part in season four.

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"That is intended to be a long arc," Robert King told EW.com of the role. He goes on to add that their relationship will take on a massive love/hate dynamic. "It's not exactly Fifty Shades of Grey, but the spirit of sexual dominance mixed with who's dominating who ... where love and fear are kind of combined. It just sounds like a fascinating way to see Kalinda."

I couldn't agree more! But who should play this integral role? Here are five suggestions:

#1. Idris Elba
The incredibly charismatic Brit is not only physically empowering but able to charm the pants off even the steeliest sole with that smile. And while audiences abroad were smitten with his stellar turn as Luther, Americans have truly yet to experience everything this Emmy-nominee has to offer.

#2. Matthew Fox
The Lost star has been very vocal about his desire to avoid television in the future, but since his big screen career isn't the brightest, he might be open to an arc on another one of TV's most addictive dramas. Plus, his headline making 2011 bus ride proves there's a dark edge to this actor we've never quite seen before.

#3. Lee Pace
The Good Wife is great at casting actors in roles that flip the public's perception of them. Hiring the romantic lead from Pushing Daisies to play a menacing bruiser would be inspired.

#4. Jason O'Mara
Despite being endlessly charismatic, the Terra Nova & Life On Mars star has crapped out three times on television -- starting with ABC's short-lived In Justice, created by Good Wife bosses Robert & Michelle King! Perhaps the secret to his success could lie in not taking on the leading role, opting instead to shine in a supporting capacity.

#5. Michael Keaton
The dynamic Batman star could make like many of his big screen brethren and find a second life on television.

Who would you cast as Kalinda's estranged husband?

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