Dr. Karev Goes to Court and Things Go From Bad to Worse on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

On Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Alex Karev was still paying for his assault on intern Andrew DeLuca from last season, and he could lose his job and his freedom.

Charged with a felony assault against his co-worker, Karev was released on bail thanks to Meredith Grey; however, the rest of the staff were having trouble with the surgeon’s return to the hospital.

While most were struggling with whether to take Karev’s or DeLuca’s side regarding the incident, Grey tried to talk to DeLuca, to get him to drop the charges on Karev and to get his focus back on work.

However, DeLuca took Grey’s words as a threat, making things worse for Karev and Grey.

Meanwhile, Karev’s problems were distracting him from his patients, and he ended up misdiagnosing one, endangering his life. Bailey had no choice but to take Karev off the child’s case, and putting him on the sidelines.

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