Dodger Blue vs. 'Simpsons' Yellow

Robert Chan
Yahoo TV

We're all in agreement that cartoons coming into the real world are terrifying, right? "Who Framed Roger Rabbit," "Cool World," Pamela Anderson in "Baywatch"?

But real people doing cartoons in real life? Magical. Hank Azaria voices half the citizens of the "Simpsons'" town of Springfield and, in this video, three of its most famous residents announce the Dodgers lineup. Bar owner Moe Szyslak reads the first third of the lineup, Kwik-E-Mart's Apu does the second, and Chief Wiggum handles the final three. And, of course, Azaria introduces them with his best Vin Scully impersonation.

This is the latest, though not most epic, time this has happened. Last year at the Emerald City Comic-Con, a panel of famous cartoon voices did a live reading of the "Star Wars" trilogy.

You have not lived until you've heard Pinky and the Brain as Luke and Leia. You may think you've lived, but you haven't lived.

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