Diva legend Joan Collins guest stars on 'Happily Divorced' [Exclusive clip]

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Get ready for a superfabulous cameo on Wednesday's "Happily Divorced"! Playing a fictional version of herself, the one and only Joan Collins will be dishing out diva excellence with Fran Drescher and John Michael Higgins on TV Land's original scripted sitcom. When Fran Lovett's (Drescher) gay ex-husband, Peter (Higgins), gets a second job, he's hired as Joan's personal assistant -- not an easy task.

In this exclusive clip, Fran is filling in for her ex-husband and, of course, trying to impress a demanding Joan by meeting all her on-set tea-time needs: "English Breakfast, a spot of milk, honey, no sugar, and cookies on the side." Wait, Joan only wanted one cookie. Oops! When a doting, starstruck makeup artist approaches Joan, he asks if she remembers him from their time together on "The Empire of the Ants." Her response: "Darling, not at all." Well, at least she's honest.

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Fran then asks a seemingly young, fresh-faced fellow to move her car. Well, that "young man" is the producer, and he probably doesn't drive a Big Wheel, as Fran suggests. He approaches Joan, letting her know that he's there if she needs anything. She slyly suggests they discuss his offer over drinks later. Unluckily for Joan, Fran jumps in, reminding Joan that she has an upcoming AARP photo shoot -- an unwelcome suggestion that derails Joan's pickup lines. The producer's assistant then notifies Joan that she's wanted in wardrobe, but she informs the group, "Usually, men like to see me out of it."

The generational divide might be greater than ever, but that's not stopping Joan Collins from being her saucy self. To catch the diva legend on "Happily Divorced," tune in Wednesday, 12/19 at 10:30 PM on TV Land.