Dish Network Tells ‘Walking Dead’ Fans They Can Watch “Scary Movies” Instead

DAVID LIEBERMAN, Executive Editor
Dish Network Chief Says AMC Deal Could Pay Off With More Hits Like ‘Walking Dead’

I laughed out loud when I saw the satellite company’s Facebook message to its subscribers who won’t be able to catch the third-season premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead this Sunday — because Dish dropped the channel in June. But don’t let that color your opinion. Here it is, so you can tell us what you think: ”DISH understands that ‘The Walking Dead’ on AMC is a very popular series. To show appreciation, customers will be provided ‘Tales of the Apocalypse,’ a free scary movie fest every day in the month of October. Starting at 8 PM ET on Blockbuster Studio, channel 102, ‘Walking Dead’ fans can enjoy these horror/science-fiction commercial free movies. Additional On Demand scary movies will also be available for only 10 cents each. Visit for full details as well as the full list of scary movies.”

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