Desiree Hartsock's 'Bachelorette' Promo Rips Off 'Revenge'

Yahoo! TV

Revenge will be sweet on "The Bachelorette," judging from the new season's promo images.

ABC released photos promoting Desiree Hartsock's journey to find love, and we were struck by their resemblance to promo images for the show's network sibling, "Revenge."

Hartsock stands tall, wearing a dress made of red roses -- just as Emily Van Camp does in her gown of black thorns. Both women are smiling, though Hartsock grins happily and Van Camp wears an enigmatic smirk that looks a bit more sinister.

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The 26-year-old bridal assistant had her heart broken by Sean Lowe on "The Bachelor" after he met her family (including her very rude brother) on hometown dates. Fans were shocked when Lowe eliminated her, as she had been a front-runner and a favorite from the start.

But now Hartsock gets to embark on a quest for "revenge" -- by finding her own happy ending.

"I'm very hopeful in all of this, and I do hope to meet the man of my dreams," Hartsock said on the "After the Final Rose" special, when she was announced as the next "Bachelorette."

"The Bachelorette" premieres Monday, 5/27 at 8 PM on ABC.