Designers Brighten Up the Stage With Black Lights on ‘Project Runway’

The contestants never seem to know what to expect on Project Runway, and Thursday night’s episode was no different. Host Tim Gunn challenged the designers to make a dress that looks good both in regular lighting and under black lights.

Many found the concept frustrating, but things were extra stressful for Mah-Jing, who spent his First Father’s day away from his fiancée and daughter. He made a crucial error with his outfit, using nontranslucent paint on a white dress, by mistake.

And a previously confident Rik got a talking-to for getting too cheeky with his design, partially exposing his model’s buttocks with his dress. Kimber and Mah-Jing were placed in the bottom two, and ultimately Kimber got the boot for her plain-Jane dress, which never really popped under the lights.

Project Runway airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

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