Depp and Manson Are 'So Vain'

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Depp and Manson Are 'So Vain'

A Johnny Depp/Marilyn Manson duet of a Carly Simon song? Chalk this one up to the "unlikely pairings" column.

HuffPost Entertainment reports that the controversial singer and the eccentric Pirates of the Caribbean star have paired up to cover Simon's 1972 hit You're So Vain for Manson's upcoming album, Born Villain, expected to drop on May 1.

It turns out that, for those not in the know, the two stars have been friends for years and paired up once before for a remix of Manson's tune The Nobodies, which was featured in Depp's 2001 Jack the Ripper movie, From Hell.

So, who is the song about this time?

Another little note of trivia that people may not know is that Mick Jagger did the backing vocals for You're So Vain. If you never noticed that before, you'll never not be able to notice now.

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