David Petraeus Mistress' Book, 'Daily Show' Appearance Surge in Popularity (Video)

November 11, 2012
Jon Stewart Berates Himself for Failing to Uncover David Petraeus' Affair (Video)

Author and West Point graduate Paula Broadwell is getting plenty of attention after the revelation that she had an affair with former CIA director David Petraeus, who resigned Friday as a result of their relationship.

Sales of Broadwell’s 2012 biography, All In: The Education of General David Petraeus, spiked by more than 170,000 percent on Amazon.com, jumping to No. 73 on the website’s top sellers list Saturday. In light of the affair, pundits have called the book a “love letter” to the retired general.

VIDEO: David Petraeus' Affair: How Cable News is Covering

In January, Broadwell appeared on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show to promote the book, with her husband Scott in the studio audience. That footage, which includes her challenging host Jon Stewart to a pushup contest, has been making the rounds online, and became the most-viewed clip on the show’s website Saturday.

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“He has a tenacious will, and he’s just relentless in whatever he does,” Broadwell said.

Stewart also prodded Broadwell for information on whether Petraeus would, as was speculated at the time, someday run for president. Broadwell said her husband would like her to say Petraeus had an interest in being Commander in Chief because it would help her book sell, but she had to be truthful and admit this wasn’t the case.

Broadwell and Stewart then had a pushup contest to raise money for wounded veterans.

Watch the video below, but note it contains explicit language. 

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