Dave Chappelle Resurfaces on Twitter

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Dave Chappelle Resurfaces on Twitter

Reclusive comedian Dave Chappelle has apparently joined Twitter, according to Judd Apatow, Aziz Ansari and Chappelle's writing partner Neal Brennan, but is the micro-blogging site the best format for the comic?

I hate to say it, but Chappelle's tweets have been somewhat disappointing thus far. This begs the question of whether Chappelle can be funny in 140 characters or less. Chappelle, known for his hilarious stories may have come up against his comedy kryptonite, as the format is more kind to one liners.

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Still, while much has been made of the lack of side-splitting jokes being posted to the funnyman's account, he has racked up over 130,000 followers in less than a week.

"I can't think of anything provocative to tweet, and yet, I must continue," Dave admitted yesterday. "Must ... keep ... tweeting."

I hope he sticks to his commitment. Practice makes perfect.

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