Daniel Craig Gives Tarantino an Awkward Thumbs Up, Talks James Bond Dreams on Kimmel (Video)

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As was explained in The Hollywood Reporter's cover story on Skyfall, it took a bit of real-life hero work from James Bond to get the 007 franchise back on its feet after financial difficulty. Daniel Craig semi-drunkenly invited Sam Mendes to direct the delayed 23rd Bond feature, and the rest is history. So now that he's in the director-recruitment game, how would Craig feel about having genre master Quentin Tarantino in the director's chair?

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Depends on whether you're asking on live TV.

Craig gave a sly smile amid some squirming when the question was posed to him by Jimmy Kimmel on Friday night.

When Kimmel asked if it was true that Tarantino had made some overtures to direct a Bond film, Craig cracked, "Overtures, is that what you call it?" And when shown a photo of the two of them at a party, he remarked, "don't I look slightly worried?"

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Bond, worried?

Craig also spoke about his love of off-road driving as a kid, and how now as Bond, he gets to drive around with some of the craziest stunt drivers in the world. They teach him tricks -- and then he demands a joy ride.