Daniel Confronts Emily on the 'Revenge' Season Finale [Exclusive Video]

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo! TV

Well, here we are, "Revenge" fans: After months of twists and turns, our new favorite primetime soap wraps up a very entertaining freshman season this week. And if our exclusive sneak peek at Wednesday's grand finale is any indication, Season 1 is definitely going out with a bang.

We've got a first look at an angry Daniel surprising Emily in her home (doesn't she ever lock the door?) and confronting her with the knowledge that she hasn't exactly been faithful to their engagement. Check it out right here:

Well, to be fair, Emily did kiss Jack, so Daniel has a right to be a little upset. (And for the record, the death of a beloved pooch is not an excuse for cheating.) But is TV's best love triangle really finished? And is Emily actually preparing to tell Daniel the truth about who she is? We know one thing: Wednesday night can't come soon enough.

Tune into this week's "Revenge" finale to see what happens -- and be sure to download our super-cool TV app, IntoNow, and enter our "Revenge" sweepstakes to win a luxury getaway in the Hamptons.

The season finale of "Revenge" airs Wednesday, 5/23 at 10 PM on ABC.