Dance Moms Try to Distance Themselves From Abby Lee Miller

On Tuesday’s Dance Moms, some of the moms made attempts to distance themselves from Abby Lee Miller, the owner of the popular dance studio and tumultuous personality on the Lifetime reality series, who recently pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud.

In the episode, Jill and Kendall discussed breaking ties with Abby, who was serving as Kendall’s manager for her music career. Jill said, “We’ve been unhappy for some time now, since Abby has been sitting on an entire album of Kendall’s music. So this week, our attorney sent word to Abby’s attorney that we were going to dissolve our contract with Abby.”

Jill and Abby subsequently had a discussion that unsurprisingly turned into a shouting match. At one point, Abby bragged that she drove a Hummer and was rich enough to fly around the world.

The argument spilled from dance rehearsals over to a separate occasion after a dance competition. It ended with the two threatening to finish the fight through their lawyers.

Dance Moms airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime. 

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