Cubans Flock to the Streets in Miami After News of Fidel Castro's Death

The Hollywood Reporter

Cuban leader Fidel Castro died at age 90, his brother Raul Castro announced Friday on state media. 

Castro led the island nation for decades, surviving a U.S. trade embargo as well as several assassination plots. He died eight years after his health made him to decide to hand power over to his brother Raul Castro, who struck a deal in 2014 with President Barack Obama to restore diplomatic ties for the first time since they were severed in 1961. 

By the time Castro resigned 49 years after his triumphant arrival in Havana, he was the world's longest ruling head of government, aside from monarchs. 

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Late Friday night, crowds took to the streets in Little Havana, Miami, yelling "Cuba libre!" and "Libertad!" 

Starting to be a real crowd outside Versailles in Little Havana, cars stopping to honk and cheer "Cuba Libre!" (And "el viejo murió!")

- Vera Bergengruen (@VeraMBergen) November 26, 2016

Flags are coming out now "Libertad! Libertad!"

- Vera Bergengruen (@VeraMBergen) November 26, 2016

The beginnings of the party in Little Havana. Good riddance, Fidel. #Miami

- Sam Dorr (@Sam_Dorr) November 26, 2016

Little Havana right now. Traffic on Calle Ocho near Versailles Restairant #cuba #FidelCastro

- Danny Rivero (@TooMuchMe) November 26, 2016

They brought out fireworks my god

- Pizza Gawd (@Dopemanbeaner) November 26, 2016

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