Count von Count Celebrates 1 Billion 'Sesame Street' YouTube Views With Musical Number [Video]

Yahoo! TV

Move over, Psy! "Sesame Street" has topped 1 billion views on YouTube, as well. The long-running kids' education show is the first nonprofit to hit this mark. And who better to celebrate this numerical milestone with a musical number than Count von Count? Here's the newest addition to the "Sesame Street" YouTube channel: "Sesame Street: Counting the You's in YouTube."

In this video, the Count sings about how much he loves to, well, count. While sitting on the popular video-sharing website one day, he had to decide what he wanted to count the most: "Should he count ninja kitties or bites from Charlie?" Instead, he decides to celebrate all of the viewers by counting the "you's" who have gathered around computers and smartphones to watch segments of the PBS pillar: "I'm counting the you's in YouTube!" The final number: a billion, of course.

"Sesame Street" aired its first show in 1969 and launched its YouTube channel in 2006. "Elmo's Song" is the most popular video on their channel, with more than 87 million views since 2009.