Corey Feldman Offers Supremely Cringey Musical Performance on ‘Today’

Will Lerner


Today books quite a lot of performers for its various concert series, but on Friday, Sept. 16, it set a new standard by inviting Corey Feldman to participate. Now, if you haven’t listened to his album, Angelic 2 The Core, you should go into this with an open mind.

That is, at least, what we attempted. While we strove to put ourselves in a position to like it, we were instead baffled by Feldman’s dance moves, backup band that may or may not have been playing their instruments, and attire that could be best described as LARP meets Ed Hardy. That’s not to mention the song itself. It was technically a song, and that’s the kindest compliment we can conjure.

If you’d like to learn more about his band, or as it’s listed on Facebook, travel company, you can’t go to because the link doesn’t work.

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