Colbert Uses a Pussycat to Hit Trump

Ken Tucker

Stephen Colbert has the week off from The Late Show, but that didn’t prevent him from delivering a monologue on Monday evening about Sunday’s second presidential debate. Colbert did it from his home — in his study, he said, cradling a kitty cat that came in handy when he had to use euphemisms for the worst words Donald Trump used during his Access Hollywood brain-trust session with Billy Bush.


Released on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, the monologue was pasted onto the beginning of the scheduled Monday-night Late Show rerun. In this new segment, Colbert hits all the marks you’d expect a responsible late-night host to hit — Trump’s semi-apology for his misogyny; the lack of a handshake at the start of the debate (“In Hillary Clinton’s defense, she now knows where that hand has been”); and instant-celebrity questioner Kenneth Bone.

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Colbert steadily increases his invective when it comes to Trump, in this case comparing him to a very warm pile of excrement.

See? What Trump has incessantly called his “locker-room talk” has infected the discourse of one of America’s greatest institutions, the late-night monologue. As Bill O’Reilly might say, the folks should not have to hear this kind of thing.

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