CNN Correspondent Ed Lavandera Knocked to Ground During Charlotte Coverage

Variety Staff

Ed Lavandera, a correspondent for CNN was knocked to the ground on camera as he covered protests taking place Wednesday night in Charlotte, N.C.

Lavanadera told CNN he was knocked to the ground by a protester while talking to anchor Don Lemon. He returned to his post on air a little time later.

“I didn’t see it coming,” Lavandera said to CNN. “All I heard was someone yelling at me that I need to tell the truth and next thing you know, I got kind of blindsided.”

Lavendera told Lemon he was able to speak to the man who knocked him in the shoulder. “He came up to me and actually hugged me and apologized for what he had done,” Lavandera said. “I asked him what made him so angry. He couldn’t really explain anything.”

Protests and violence broke out in Charlotte in the wake of the fatal shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. The deceased man’s family has said he was killed by police in an apartment parking lot while waiting for a child to return from school. Police have said Scott was carrying a handgun.

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