Chris Pratt Pays for Woman’s Vacation While Co-Hosting ‘Live’

Stephen Proctor

Chris Pratt co-hosted Live With Kelly on Friday, and the world got a chance to see the A-list actor in a brand-new role. But Pratt’s Magnificent Seven co-star Denzel Washington had a hard time getting past seeing him in the host chair. Pratt was barely able to start a question before Washington started laughing and said he just couldn’t get used to it.

Pratt had a hard time staying in the host role when they played the game “Take Off Travel Trivia.” In the game, a caller gets asked one question and has one chance to answer correctly. In this case, the caller got the answer wrong.

Pratt responded by saying, “No, but we’re gonna be wishy-washy and give you a second guess.”

The caller got the answer right with her second try, but the producer said they couldn’t do that, meaning the caller would not be winning the trip. So, being the nice guy that he is, Pratt offered to cover the cost of the vacation, which amounted to around $5,700. Denzel and Kelly later volunteered to pitch in.

Pratt also came up with a brilliant idea to maintain the human element when car services such as Lyft and Uber begin using driverless cars, something Lyft expects to be doing by 2021.

“Maybe they could program the car to where one in three of them will have a really annoying conversation with you, like Lyft drivers. Like start asking personal questions. Start telling you inappropriate things about their family members and stuff,” said Pratt.

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