Chris Evans 'Ashamed' of Gay Marriage Situation

David Weiner
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Chris Evans 'Ashamed' of Gay Marriage Situation

Chris Evans, aka Captain America of The Avengers, lowers his shield for a revealing set of 20 questions in the May issue of Playboy, out Friday -- talking up everything from his atypical taste in women to how he spent his first movie paycheck and his views on gay marriage -- and we have a sneak peek!

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On his support of gay marriage: "It's insane that civil rights are being denied people in this day and age. It's embarrassing, and it's heartbreaking. It goes without saying that I'm completely in support of gay marriage. In 10 years we'll be ashamed that this was an issue."

On how he spent the paycheck from his first starring role: "It's kind of embarrassing. I think it was a Sean John velour jumpsuit, which tells you a little bit about me in 2000. I think I took my two roommates and got them jumpsuits as well. It was so ridiculous."

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On getting advice from fellow Avenger Robert Downey Jr.: "My big concern with Captain America was the press. I love doing one-on-ones. But when you get on a stage, all of a sudden you feel like, man, there are 100 people just looking at you. Downey was good at just making me feel calm, saying, 'Look, you're not alone in this,' and helping my confidence."

On his atypical taste in women: "I wish you could see some of the girls I have genuinely had crushes on in my life. They're not the girls you would assume. I like girls who are self-deprecating. I like girls who make fun of themselves. If you can't poke fun at yourself, what are you? I just want someone with a good soul. That's about it. The rest I'm really flexible on. I like a good ass, though. I will say that."

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The full interview with Chris is online now at The Avengers hits theaters May 4.

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