Chloe Moretz on Dressing 'Age Appropriate'

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Chloe Moretz on Dressing 'Age Appropriate'

Fourteen-year-old Hugo star Chloe Moretz has been getting almost as much attention for her red carpet style lately than her on-screen performances, locked in a seemingly endless battle with 13-year-old Elle Fanning on which teen can out high-fashion one another.

And now Chloe's talking about her designer, very adult-looking outfits, claiming that she does in fact "try to stay appropriate to [her] age."

"I think you can push the boundaries in a way of edginess, but I think you should try to stay appropriate to your age, definitely," she tells about her personal sense of style. "I like to push the boundaries in what I wear, in that it's new and kind of funky. I'm usually a bit different than almost everyone else on the carpet."

But then she followed up that statement with this little gem.

"Actually Chanel gave me my first two Chanel purses ever," she said. "They're just so classic. I love it."

Hate to hate on a teen star but c'mon -- judging from the Chanel name drop and these kind of outfits -- this girl can't wait to grow up.