Check Out a Preview of Fringe's Catastrophic Season Finale

Natalie Abrams
TV Guide

Thank goodness we know that Fringe has been renewed for another season. Otherwise this new preview for the season finale would have us seriously worried.

VIDEO: Will two worlds become one in the Fringe finale?

In the two minute-long, movie-like trailer — a shorter version debuted last week — William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) details his megalomaniacal plan to collapse the two universes in order to create a new one — which appears to look a lot like prehistoric Earth. Will the Fringe team survive this disaster? Will Olivia (Anna Torv) avoid her fate? And what is the backward voice at the end of the trailer saying? (Some eager tweeters have already guessed "It is impossible.")

Watch below and decide for yourself:

The season finale of Fringe airs Friday at 9/8c on Fox.

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