Check out Hyundai's five Super Bowl commercials [Video]

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Why have one Super Bowl commercial when you can have five?

That's Hyundai's strategy this year. The automaker bought a total of two and a half minutes of ad time, including a slot for a flagship commercial, "Epic Playdate," just before kickoff.

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All five are already available for viewing.

The aforementioned "Epic Playdate" features a kicky new song by the Flaming Lips, "Sun Blows Up Today." In the ad, a family piles into their Santa Fe for an epic day, complete with skateboarding, outracing a biker gang, and making a little history museum mischief:

In the second-quarter commercial, "Stuck," a Sonata's passengers find themselves behind a smelly horse trailer, a flatbed full of chickens, a truck with precariously placed furniture, and a car with fogged-up windows (wink, wink). Luckily, the car can maneuver around them all.

In "Team," a little boy, with the help of his mom, driving a Santa Fe, gathers a group of tough kids to face off against some neighborhood troublemakers:

Pre-game spot "Excited" shows the Genesis careening around a curvy track, as an excited announcer exclaiming "See you later" and "Oh no, he didn't!"

"Don't Tell" also highlights the Santa Fe and has already aired on television. In it, a dad takes his kids on wild adventures with the warning, "Don't tell mom." Except for the last and biggest feat of them all -- when mom says "Don't tell dad"!

What do you think about Hyundai's five Super Bowl commercials?