'Celebrity Apprentice”: Gary Busey’s most memorably insane moments

Steven Bryan

On "Celebrity Apprentice," there is a method to the madness -- and his name is Gary Busey. An Oscar nominee for 1978's "The Buddy Holly Story," Busey returns on March 3 for the all-star edition of the popular reality competition series.

During his Season 4 stint, Busey was a lightning rod for controversy, sparking one of the show's most epic confrontations. On a recent "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" appearance, Dennis Rodman (another of Donald Trump's all-stars), came out and said what fans of the show are probably thinking: Busey's nuts!

The actor may be eccentric, but there's cleverness in his apparent madness. Here's a look at the best of Busey.

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Just crazy or crazy like a fox?
During his first "Apprentice" season, Busey and his team created a pitch for Omaha Steaks. As project manager, the actor practically has the company executives eating out of his hand with a sentimental tale of love and steak. Unfortunately, Gary's pitch takes flight about halfway into the presentation and never makes it back to Earth.

In the boardroom, Donald Trump prepares to drive a stake through the actor's career for that particular pitch. The Donald comes out and asks if he's simply crazy or crazy like a fox. Trump tries to keep order, but Busey keeps returning to the kite story. No matter where Trump directs the conversation, Gary grabs the kite's tail and sails away.

A master of neuro-linguistic programming or simply suffering from head trauma?
In the boardroom, Busey also gets some laughs by saying he's a master of neuro-linguistic programming. This means, in the actor's words, that he can evaluate whether a person is telling the truth or just pretending by assessing his/her body language. Maybe Busey was referring to himself when he said that.

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In an odd twist, Meat Loaf came to Gary's defense. During an earlier team project, the rocker suffered an epic meltdown that he attributed to Gary's odd behavior. This is one of the few times that Busey actually looks terrified for his safety.

Sitting next to Busey, Meat Loaf hugged his teammate and said the two of them have been good friends since the time Busey did "The Buddy Holly Story." Meat Loaf even shared his own head trauma stories and made reference to Busey's famous 1988 motorcycle crash.

Buseyisms are better than Sniglets
In the 1980s, comedian Rich Hall created a play-on-words game called Sniglets. An appropriate example for "Celebrity Apprentice" would be "execuglide": a term that refers to the act of propelling yourself around the room while seated in a desk chair.

Thanks to the reality show, Busey trumped Rich Hall's invention with Buseyisms. During his first season on the show, the actor stunned Ivanka Trump with his own definitions of "lucky" and "freedom."

More meltdowns, kite flying, and Buseyisms are sure to come on "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice," when it premieres Sunday, 3/3 at 9 PM on NBC.