'Can't Hardly Wait' Star Ethan Embry: 'I Was So Stoned' During Filming

Hilary Lewis
'Can't Hardly Wait' Star Ethan Embry: 'I Was So Stoned' During Filming

Ethan Embry says he "was so stoned" during the making of cult movie Can't Hardly Wait, he can't remember much about the filming, apart from the director asking him if he was "altered."

But the actor is able to reveal some of what happened during the production of the Jennifer Love Hewitt-starrer, and his disappointment about the finished product.

"The script that we read was a very different script than what everybody saw," Embry told VH1. “We had an R-rated script and a lot of the characters ended up getting cut out so that we could make PG-13...That was before American Pie came out. So it was before it was okay for studios to make a raunchy comedy with high school characters."

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Embry was disappointed by the changes and says the edgier version would have been better.

He took another hit from the movie’s poor box-office performance, which affected his back-end deal.

"I remember I went to a popular L.A. theater, and there was eight people for the 10 o’clock showing," Embry recalls. "I was bummed! I wasn’t going to make any money if no one saw it!"

The Sony-distributed film only made $25.6 million at U.S. theaters when it was released 15 years ago.

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Now, the teen party movie is a cult favorite, but Embry says he'd only be up for a sequel if it was darker and he made more money from it.

"Maybe if they paid me more than the last time. [Preston would] have to get pretty dark...Amanda and him had a horrible breakup and there were kids involved. He drinks himself silly over a typewriter. I'd make that sequel."