Can CAA Turn YouTube Star Joe Penna into A Hot Hollywood Director? (Exclusive)

Lucas Shaw
The Wrap

CAA has signed Joe Penna, known to most on YouTube as MysteryGuitarMan, according to two individuals with knowledge of the signing.

Penna, who built a subscriber base of almost 2.6 million on the MysteryGuitarMan channel, signed with the agency to try and build out his career as a film and TV director.

CAA has already taken Penna around to meet with various producers and studios.

Penna made his directorial debut overseeing a short series called "Meridian" for transmedia company Fourth Wall Studios shortly before it stopped making new content. The show, which starred Orlando Jones, was a three-part series about Jeff, a geek who finds an long lost Aztec necklace that reveals past events unknown to anyone else.

Penna has long exhibited many different talents on YouTube, from singing and playing guitar to stop motion animation. In one video, he recreated the first sequence of Super Mario Brothers.

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In addition to his main MysteryGuitarMan channel, Penna has his own eponymous channel that shows behind the scenes footage of how he makes his videos, as well as video blogs. It has more than 350,000 subscribers. 

Penna makes videos for and is represented by Big Frame, a multi-channel YouTube network and management company co-founded by his wife, Sarah Penna. He will continue to build his YouTube presence while pursuing these other projects.

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