Bravo Media Greenlights ‘Extreme Guide To Parenting’

Bravo Media Greenlights ‘Extreme Guide To Parenting’

Several TV shows have addressed the “extreme” theme — extreme cheapskates, extreme couponing, extreme makeovers — and now it’s extreme parenting. Bravo Media has given the go-ahead to the new series Extreme Guide To Parenting (working title), a look at parents who practice unique styles of raising their children. Each episode will give a candid inside look at two separate households with different forms of parenting — and each family strongly believes their methods are the perfect model for raising successful children. Some techniques include attachment, parents who breastfeed their children until age 4…or older; helicopter, in which parents are so protective they use disguises to monitor their offspring’s every move; and fiercely competitive, parents who enroll their children in Mandarin Chinese courses before they can spell. Punched in the Head is producing, with Craig D’Entrone and Amelia D’Entrone executive producing.

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