Young Staffer Makes Crazy Faces at the Camera During Congressional Hearing

The Set

Impressively, someone was paying close enough attention to CSPAN 3 during a congressional hearing about the arctic wildlife refuge and whether or not some professor had camped there enough times (or something?) to catch one young aide making several kinds of faces ranging from "bored," "angry," and "insane" directly at the camera. Watching this (the camera moves for a bit, but she starts up again at the 1:27 mark), it's hard to imagine her knowing there was a camera there, so to what was she making those faces? Is there a mirror on the camera? Is she friends with the camera operator, and doing the classic "Get me out of here!" faces that everyone makes to their co-workers in corporate meetings? If the camera had lingered longer, would she have done that slow pretending-to-shoot-one's-self-with-one's-finger-and-then-slump-over gag that's so popular in the boardrooms of America? We might never know, but if I had to sit in on this immaturely conducted debate, I would make faces like this, too.

[Via Buzzfeed]