You Are Not the Father! Watch the Trailer for TV's New 'Paternity Court'

Fall TV

The family unit is the bedrock of society, and no institution has treated it with the respect it deserves more than syndicated television. From the gravitas of Jerry Springer to the groundbreaking work in family — and particularly paternity — issues of Maury Povich, syndication has restored our faith in fatherhood.

In that grand tradition, Orion Television brings us the upcoming syndicated series “Paternity Court," hosted (let's not say "judged," even though she has a judge-y robe and probably a judge-y gavel and, one hopes, a gruff but friendly bailiff to round out the ensemble) by Lauren Lake, a lawyer turned author/singer/motivational speaker/life coach/interior designer.

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“She's the judge, DNA's the jury” is the tagline, and Lake says, “The stakes are high and the emotions are unparalleled.” So if you're into the antics of classic "Maury" “You Are Not the Father” episodes, this show will definitely hit your sweet spot.

Lake is an actual, New York state-recognized attorney and her practice does family law, so at least compared to your run-of-the-mill “relationship and legal experts," she's got a decent background. Let us hope she gives these cases the care and attention they deserve. And as little dancing as possible.

"Paternity Court" premieres Monday, 9/23 in nationwide syndication; check local listings.